Kaoru Inoue “Em Paz” LP



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Kaoru Inoue “Em Paz” LP

Kaoru Inoue’s new Long Player will be out soon on 12″ vinyl.
Released by: Groovement Organic Series (Portugal)
Album release date: 17 March 2018

“Snaker” under Chari Chari and “A missing myth of the future” as Kaoru Inoue were his latest albums back in 2013. Time has come to finally celebrate his much awaited return with the exquisite “Em Paz” LP.

A celestial ambient collection that will drive us through a beautiful imaginary place where the quest for peace is central. In fact, all kinds of peace.

“Em Paz” will spontaneously make you seek for some Brian Eno, Jon Hassell or celebrated japanese ambient albums because it emerges from that same timeless place.

A very strong conceptual and listening album from the beginning to the very end.