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Modern Gagaku – Bandcamp Daily

Kaoru Inoue’s past work “Etenraku” is featured on the Bandcamp Daily news “Modern Gagaku”. The EP includes a great tech-funk remix by Quantonic aka Ignat Karmalito who has passed away on July 2019. R.I.P Modern Gagaku: Six Experimental LPs Inspired By Japanese Classical… Read More


’19.11.17.Sun → Masters At Work in Japan

PRIMITIVE INC. 13th Anniversary MASTERS AT WORK in JAPAN – Our Time Is Coming - -ARENA- MASTERS AT WORK (Louie Vega & Kenny Dope) Lights by Ariel -Manhattan Island supported by Manhattan Portage- CAPTAIN VINYL (DJ Nori & MURO) Mayu Kakihata -WATER supported by … Read More

’19.11.15.Fri → Slo Mo Before Midnight

2019.11.15 fri 19:00-24:00 Slo Mo Before Midnight supprted by Cocalero Negro Entrance:1500yen/1drink [Guest DJ] Kaoru Inoue (Seeds And Ground / Chari Chari) [Resident DJ] DJ YOGURT (Upset Rec) supported by COCALERO.Jp … Read More


’19.11.01.Fri → Circus Osaka

11/01(fri)@CIRCUS OSAKA line up: KiNK – LIVE- (Running Back, Ovum / Sofia, BG) Kaoru Inoue (Seeds And Ground / Chari Chari) ZUYACK (Timothy Really lab.) open 23:00 adv:2000yen Before 12PM:2000yen door:3000yen … Read More

191026_Creole Cafe

’19.10.26.Sat → Halloween Disco

Halloween Disco 2019.10.26.Sat.20:00-LAST ▼場所:PLACE Creole Cafe(別府タワー1階/Beppu Tower 1F) ▼DJ GUEST:KAORU INOUE(Seeds And Ground / Chari Chari) ・Satoshi (RE:FILL / PLATZ) ・Chiho (RE:FILL / PLATZ) ・Psychedelic Boy (Spain) ・Shundai (Creole Cafe) ・Kenzo (the HELL Record & Sour) ・Nao and more … ▼VJ I… Read More


’19.10.25.Fri → Welcome To The Party

Welcome To The Party 2019.10.25(fri) 21:00 start at NOMATA Guest DJ Kaoru Inoue (Seeds And Ground / Chari Chari) DJ Masuo (desiderata) Hiroyuki Mori (MONO SAFARI) Seiki Nanri Yoshihisa Fujii Wckmnn Nomata Charge:2,000yen (w1d) … Read More