’18.06.22.Fri → Ableton Meetup Tokyo Vol.19



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’18.06.22.Fri → Ableton Meetup Tokyo Vol.19

Ableton Meetup Tokyo @ Time Out Cafe, Ebisu

(English follows Japanese) 梅雨は家で曲を作ろう!今回はトラックメーカーが苦手としている分野かもしれない「作曲」のテクニックについて特集します。
Ableton Liveを使ったプレゼンテーションを行うのは、認定トレーナーのYoshinori Saitoと、5月にシングル「Supersonic」をリリースしたばかりの女性トラックメーカーUtae。
また、Ableton Meetup Tokyo恒例のパネルディスカッションでは、ゲストに5年ぶりのアルバム”Em Paz”をリリースしたKaoru Inoueと、34423 (Miyoshi Fumi)をお迎えして、誰しもが気になる「どのパートから曲作りを始めるのか」というテーマのディスカッションを行います。

Yoshinori Saito (Ableton認定トレーナー)

Panel Discussion
モデレーター:CD HATA
パネリスト:Kaoru Inoue, 34423

Korg Import Division
Moog DFAM, Arturia MiniBrute 2S & KORG volca mix

MC : Koyas & CD HATA
DJ : 蜻蛉-Tonbo-, A Boy Named Hiro

This rainy season is good for making music at home! This time we feature the technique of “composition” which may be the field of the truck. In this meet-up, we feature composition techniques for electronic producers might have an aversion to.
We have 2 presentations – The one is a chord progression techniques by Yoshinori Saito, a Japanese Ableton Certified Trainer and the another is easy compose techniques with audio/voice materials by Utae, a young female singer/producer.
We also have panel discussion. The guest panelists are Kaoru Inoue, Japaese veteran DJ and 34423 (Miyoshi Fumi), a young female electronic producer and discuss about where to start to make a music.

Title: Ableton Meetup Tokyo Vol.19 Composition Techniques
Date: Jun. 22, 2018
Doors Open : 6pm
Venue: TimeOut Cafe & Diner http://www.timeoutcafe.jp
Fee: 2000yen with 1 drink/FREE for students (requires student ID)

“Simple and Easy! How to progress chords”
by Yoshinori Saito (Ableton Certified Trainer)

“Impulsive and Intuitive! Easy techniques to compose with sample materials”
by Utae

Panel Discussion
“Where to start to make music?”
by Kaoru Inoue, 34423 (Miyoshi Fumi)
Moderator : CD HATA

MC : Koyas (Ableton Certified Trainer) & CD HATA
DJ : 蜻蛉-Tonbo-, A Boy Named Hiro